Anhui Haifengte Intelligent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

About Us
Anhui Haifengte Intelligent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is the incubating high-tech corporation, the Nominee in the finals of the China Innovative Venture Competition, the directional component supplier of the Chinese People?s Liberation Army 7410 factory. It has got 8 national patents on our core technology. The company has autonomous industrial plants for 20,000 square meters, independent industrial controlling research& development department and the parts machining center. The main products are multi-functional intelligent complete conveying and packing machines that integrates the functions, including the packing, conveying, weighing, date printing, encasement, stacking and automatic conveying and so on.
Products and services
Packing machine, packaging machine, vertical packing machine, horizontal packing machine, combination weigher, pouch packing machine, feed packing machine